Avion pour parachutiste

 PAC Licence

Accelerated Progression to Free Fall 

(FROM AIRCRAFT - Chambéry France)

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A week-long PAC course begins on Mondays with a day of theory about the equipment and freefall jumping. The “paragliding” section is also covered in all its forms: safety, piloting, emergency procedures, etc. Weather permitting, your first jump will take place on the Tuesday with the support of 2 supervisors. On average, by the time you do your 3rd jump you will cover somersaults, loopings, etc. If all goes well, your PAC will be confirmed on your 6th jump and you will be able to do your first 100% solo jump immediately afterwards or on the next day: a great moment in the life of every parachutist!


Fill in the medical fitness certificate 

Maximum age 50 years

Maximum weight 95 kg

Minimum age 15 years

Parental authorisation for minors

2 identity photos.

Book at least 15 days before the date.

Pay €200 when booking


born before 1993  

1395 € 

born between 1993 et 2003   

1310 €

PAC with licence

30 consecutive days :


(whatever the age)


Licence and insurance

Club membership fee

6 jumps and one solo jump

Parachute packing course

Supervisor services

Your parachuting goggles 

Parachute jump logbook

8 GB USB key containing all your videos



To optimise your learning experience and be totally immersed in the world of parachuting, you can sleep on location in the Savoie Paraclub accommodation for €12/night. All you need to do is to confirm this when you book.

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