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Wingsuit - Base jump rig

From a helicopter

Wingsuit mono voile au coeur des alpes Suisse
Wingsuit skydive


Paragliding is exclusively for experienced parachutists. The purpose of this activity is to give all parachutists who want to do base jumping the opportunity to train or test new equipment safely and in real-life conditions. This is why we opt for jumping from a helicopter. To obtain flight authorisation, all you need to do is to create your own AlpSkydive Proflyers profile. It will be approved on receipt of the different official documents required under the conditions.

Parachutisme wingsuit d'hélicoptère


You must hold an AFF/PAC or equivalent Parachuting Licence

You must have done at least 100 jumps from an aircraft

You must have accident insurance cover

for extreme sports

You must sign the AlpSkydive disclaimer form 

You must be able to pack a paraglider independently 

You must confirm your Alpskydive profile

When your profile has been approved, you will have access to the booking calendar.

Book at least 48 hours

in advance

Vol wingsuit d'hélicoptère avec matériel de Base Jump


1000 m Ground

65CHF per person

1500m Ground

85CHF per person

2500m Ground

115CHF per person

Organisation tournage profesionnel Base Jump

Professional filming

Are you a professional parachutist with a photo or video shoot project? On request, Alpskydive will do all it can to make it easy for you to organise your project in Switzerland so that it can take place under the best possible conditions both in terms of safety, jumps, accommodation, transfers, etc. So don’t hesitate. Send us even your craziest projects!

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