Helicopter skydiving Centre at Verbier
in the Swiss Alps
every steps for skydiving

Saut en Parachute d'hélicoptère
Skydiving from hélicopter

Alpskydive and its partners offer you all the steps to become a skydiver. From indoorskydiving, to tandem parachute jumps or the PAC patent !! But we do not stop there and also offer jumps with base jump equipment to give the opportunity to all parachutists wishing to practice the base jump to test his equipment or train safely.

Saut en parachute tandem à Verbier

Tandem Skydiving 

from helicopter

If you want to experience freefall skydiving, the tandem parachute is definitely made for you. Get on board our Écureuil B3 light helicopter accompanied by our professional tandem pilots. Like guardian angels, they will enable you to get the most enjoyment possible from your first freefall jump.

indoorskydiving 30 minutes de Verbier


Let the air carry you. Experience your first feelings; indoorskydiving is the ideal activity for your first steps in the world of parachuting. 

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 PAC Licence

This time you can be sure: parachuting is for you!! Don’t hesitate. Certify your skills by taking the PAC Course (Accelerated Progression to Free Fall). The PAC licence which you obtain at the end of this course is valid all over the world. You can then jump independently

Saut en parachute Wingsuit mono-voile d'hélicoptère à Verbier.jpg

Wingsuit Monovoile

You will then be more than experienced and you will have more than 100 jumps behind you. Are you interested in wingsuit flying and base jumping?  With its offer, Alpskydive gives you the opportunity to jump from a helicopter using exactly the same equipment that you would use to jump from a cliff

Our Values

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Chemin de St-Christophe 46

B.P 1291

1936 Verbier / Suisse

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