Company outing / Team building / Birthday party ...

Whether you are a company or a or a group of 6 people or more Alpskydive privatizes its centre for a day for you! Immerse yourself in skydiving for a day and discover the world of skydiving !!

Parachute jump helicopter tandem over the Val de Bagnes,

facing the Grand Combinon the Swiss side of Mont-Blanc and not far from the Matterhorn.

15 minutes of helicopter flight

Jump to 4000m. Max speed : 200km/h


Skydiving workshop, packing, history, virtual reality wingsuit flights

Possibility of organising accommodation with our different

hotel partners

Alpskydive guarantees you an adrenaline rush

in a sumptuous setting.


on request


Group of 6 people minimum

Each passenger must have at least . 15 years old.

Minors must have theagreement signed by a legal representative.

each passenger must be within a weight limit of weight limit of 95kg.

The jump may be cancelled or postponed depending on the weather conditions.

Reservations must be made at least 1 week in advance

During the jump each passenger must under no circumstances be under the influence ofalcohol or other substances

A non-refundable fee of 500CHF will be charged as confirmation of confirmation of reservation


Upon arrival, welcome, coffee, preparation of the order of passage, equipment briefing and departure to the helicopter in pairs for the first flights. A full rotation for 2 people will take approximately 25-30 minutes.

Helicopter flight

After a 2 minute bus ride to the helicopter, the machine will be stopped to give you time to familiarise yourself with the procedure, repeat the briefing, take photos etc. before leaving for a 15 minute climb to 4000m.

Free fall

After a 15 minute helicopter ride, it's time to get over your fears and jump into the void for 45 seconds of free fall and 10 minutes of flight under canopy for a smooth return to earth.

Skydiving workshop

During the day, activities such as packing demonstrations, a summary of the history of skydiving and wingsuit flights in virtual reality will be offered during the waiting times.


In order to end your day well, an aperitif will be organised so that everyone can take the time to share and appreciate their experience with their colleagues or friends, your colleagues will be reboosted in energy

We help you to boost your employees!