Single canopy parachute jump


Alpskydive aims to offer a transition between classic skydiving and base-jumping, to do this we offer 4 jump altitudes 1000m / ground 1500m / ground 2500m / ground or 3200m / ground from a helicopter using base-jump parachutes.

This offer is only available for experienced skydivers from 50 jumps, a single canopy initiation is mandatory for all skydivers who have never jumped with this type of canopy.

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How to jump

1. become a member

To jump at Alpskydive a flight permit with a RC air sport insurance is mandatory, you can get it simply by registering as a member, if you already jump with a mono wing you can book a day directly, if you have never jumped with this kind of material a mono wing initiation is mandatory.

2.Create your account

Once you have applied for a flight permit you will be able to create your Alpskydive account and access directly to the members area where you will find all the useful information such as day request calendar, area briefing, weather link, etc... only members with a flight permit will be accepted for the jump days.

3. Request for a day

You have your flight permit with third party insurance, you have created your access to the members' area where you will find the day request calendar, you just have to make a request for the day of your choice. A minimum of 4 people is required to start a day, so you will receive a confirmation as soon as 4 people have registered.

4. Buy your tickets

Once the day has been confirmed with 4 registrants and weather permitting you will receive by e-mail, 2 to 3 days before, a payment link for the helicopter seats as well as the detailed programme with your jumping hours.

5.Jump day

The day starts at 9.30am with the administrative check, field briefing, preparation of the rotations, check of the equipment and departure for the first rotations at 10.30am. This can vary depending on the volume of activity and the weather conditions.

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